Welcome Friends!

"The more we get together the happier we'll be"


Well, I'm glad we spend lots of time outside earlier in the week, because its been so cold and crummy out the last two days, no one was very motivated to venture out. That was until the snow started falling this afternoon and everyone bundled up to make the rounds, visiting the garden, goats and chickens. Making snowballs made us realize its ALREADY time to get out the mittens...
Heading out into the snow

In the mornings we had lots of classroom time, painting, reading books, building with blocks, working with puzzles and lots of singing and making music with our new instruments. We have been practicing some Navaho and Mayan chants while shaking to the rhythm. 

We also had fun in the kitchen cooking up lots of yummy food 
cracking eggs to scramble

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, soysage, ezekiel toast
Lunch: Red lentils
             Steamed Cauliflower
             Roasted Parsnips(from my brother's Muddy Finger Farm)
             Soy Boy Veggie Dogs

Snack: Organic Crackers and Cheese, local frozen Cherries
measuring flour for pancakes


Breakfast: Pancakes, Coconut juice, almonds

Lunch: Black Beans (CPO )
            Organic muenster quesadilla
            Delicatta Squash (local)

Snack: Tofu Kan, Yogurt, Bunny Crackers

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