Welcome Friends!

"The more we get together the happier we'll be"



Gluing faces on Paper Jack-O-Lanterns

 Scooping and Finding buried things in colored rice

Music Time:
 Stirring my BrewJack-O-Lantern, Peace like a River, If You're Happy and you Know it.

Lyrics to Jack-O-Lantern:

Jack-'o-lantern, Jack-'o-lantern       LISTEN
You are such a pretty sight
As you sit there in the window
Looking out at the night.
You were once a yellow pumpkin
Growing on a sturdy vine
Now you are my Jack-'o-lantern
Let your candle light shine.

  Everyone helped to measure, mix and roll our P.B. balls.

Preparing sweet potato fries for baking
Preparing Romanesca

Beautiful Romanesca

Pouring Green Juice

 Breakfast: Peanut Butter balls (pb, honey, dry milk), cripsy rice snacks

Lunch: Polenta (local organic)
            Romanesca Cauliflower (steamed)
            Quorn nuggets (mycoprotein)
            Sweet potato fries (baked)

Snack: Black Bean brownies
            Almond Yogurt
            Green Juice (kale-OJ)


Friday morning we found the cookie cutters and practiced rolling play-dough to cut out or just to make imprints of a shape. And as usual, there was some noodle making happening as well.

We also had fun dressing up, singing and making music.

 While some children were helping make breakfast, others were experimenting with color mixing using a squirt bottle.

Breakfast: French toast, Soysage, Strawberry-OJ smoothie.

Lunch: Veggie Extravaganza:
             Steamed Carrots
             Sauteed Cabbage and Peppers
             Sauteed Tofu and Mushrooms
             Roasted Acorn Squash                          
             Annie's Mac and Cheese

Snack: Popcorn (from CPO with local Honey)
            Cottage Cheese


Well, I'm glad we spend lots of time outside earlier in the week, because its been so cold and crummy out the last two days, no one was very motivated to venture out. That was until the snow started falling this afternoon and everyone bundled up to make the rounds, visiting the garden, goats and chickens. Making snowballs made us realize its ALREADY time to get out the mittens...
Heading out into the snow

In the mornings we had lots of classroom time, painting, reading books, building with blocks, working with puzzles and lots of singing and making music with our new instruments. We have been practicing some Navaho and Mayan chants while shaking to the rhythm. 

We also had fun in the kitchen cooking up lots of yummy food 
cracking eggs to scramble

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, soysage, ezekiel toast
Lunch: Red lentils
             Steamed Cauliflower
             Roasted Parsnips(from my brother's Muddy Finger Farm)
             Soy Boy Veggie Dogs

Snack: Organic Crackers and Cheese, local frozen Cherries
measuring flour for pancakes


Breakfast: Pancakes, Coconut juice, almonds

Lunch: Black Beans (CPO )
            Organic muenster quesadilla
            Delicatta Squash (local)

Snack: Tofu Kan, Yogurt, Bunny Crackers



This morning after breakfast, we took our Blue Hubbard squash (from Silver Queen Farm) out to the front step to smash it open. We didnt expect it to open up so perfectly and cleanly. We scraped the inside and then stuck it in the oven to bake while we went outside to play.

It was a beautiful day to be outside. We had fun in the garden, harvesting beets and kale and discovering bugs under some of the stepping stones.

Breakfast: Barbara's shredded oats cereal with rice milk
                  Blueberries (frozen/local)

Lunch: Freekeh (roasted green spelt berries from CPO)
            Hubbard Squash (roasted)
            Tofu (fried in coconut oil)
            Garden Kale (steamed, with a little Braggs)

Snack: Carrot sticks
            Green juice (Kale blended in OJ)


Play dough and painting

Breakfast: Oatmeal with raisins
                  Asian Pears

Lunch: Brown Basmati Rice
            Garden broccoli
            Sweet Potatoes (from Tburg FM)
            Scrambled eggs (from ACH hens)

Snack: Raisin toast (Ezekiel bread)
            Cottage cheese (organic)

Some afternoon craft time:



This morning the children worked with  popcorn and mini construction vehicles at the sensory table scooping with with backhoe, loading and dumping the dump truck, and clearing roads with the bulldozer. 
 Some other things that were happening today and yesterday...

Montessori metal inset

Montessori snapping frame

To make french toast for breakfast, the children helped crack the eggs, whisk them up, and dip the bread in. When we are done with breakfast each day the children wash their dishes before we go outside.

We took the compost out to the pile, and then found one egg in the chicken coop. We clipped some branches to take to the goats, and went over to the barn.  After visiting with the goats for a few minutes, we decided to take a walk up the hill through the meadow. It turned into a long hike into the woods. We found a beautiful little maple grove to sit in and be still for a while. 

Breakfast: French toast
                 Asian pears

Shredding spaghetti squash
             Spaghetti squash with marinara sauce and fresh mozzerella
             Fried red potatoes
             Sauteed cabbage and peppers

Snack: Fresh baked apple muffins 

The Earth is Our Mother

chanting and drumming

The earth is our mother/ we must take care of her (2x)
Hey yana ho yana hey ya-na (2x)

The sky is our father/ we must take care of him (2x)
Hey yana ho yana hey ya-na (2x)

The wind is our brother/ we must take care of him (2x)
Hey yana ho yana hey ya-na (2x)

The rain is our sister/ we must take care of her (2x)
Hey yana ho yana hey ya-na (2x)



  What a busy day!! This morning at our sensory table we filled the bird feeders with sunflower seeds. Children practiced new works- folding napkins and tonging yarn "noodles" We also cut open our little pumpkin to scoop out the seeds and pulp and bake the meat and skin. Later on in the day the children helped measure and mix to make the cooked pumpkin into pie.


  Outside, we found a praying mantis crawling around on our sandbox tarp. She kept reaching out with her front legs, so we let her crawl on our arms. She kept crawling up toward out heads, which was a little bit tickle-y


Breakfast: Pancakes (CPO mix)and applesauce (homemade from local apples)

Lunch: Freekeh (roasted green wheat berries from CPO)
            Tofu (lightly fried in coconut oil and soy sauce)
            Corn on the cob (local-last of the season)
            Roasted beets (local)

Snack- Pumpkin pie