Welcome Friends!

"The more we get together the happier we'll be"



Creating spaces and scenes for dolls and animals

A surprise visit from Maple

Nesting animal dolls

Finding snakes in the bushes

Harvesting Potatoes

Cutting and Gluing

Classroom Works

Sensory Table
filling containers with sand and shells
sweeping up the sand

Making "Gluppity-Glup" in the sandbox

Fledgling Barn Swallows


Early July


waiting for the bubbles to come out

 Food Preparation


On the Farm

how'd that hippo get on the farm?

 Exploring numbers and letters

Inspired artistic creations

Snipping and ripping


 Building with natural shapes

Summer Treats

Today's menu

Cheddar Omelette with local Broccoli and Squash 
Blueberries (picked yesterday at Glen Haven Farms)
Mango Lemonade

Freekeh (Roasted Green Spelt Berries from Cayuga Pure Organics)
Roasted local New Red and Gold Potatoes
Sauteed local Bok Choy
Fresh local Rainbow Baby Carrots
Apple Slices

Fresh OJ Popscicles
Hazelnut Crackers

Happy July everyone! 
I hope you are enjoying all this plentiful sunshine. A little rain would be nice.... There's so much to do outside these days, I have much less time to devote to sitting in front of the screen.  
Ill post more Mid- July.  
Much Love to All, Sarah