Welcome Friends!

"The more we get together the happier we'll be"

Daily Schedule

Drop Off- 8:15- 8:30

  • Parents stay while child prepares for day in mudroom- changing shoes, hanging up coat etc.
  • Parents say good-bye as child enters the classroom to join morning work time.

Morning Work Time- 8:30-9:30
  • Activities are chosen and completed by child as independently as possible
  • Children develop self care skills by pouring, spooning, combing, washing, and dressing
  • Children develop their sensory awareness through experiences with the tactile table, smelling activities, visual discrimination puzzles, and the music corner.  
  • Children develop their fine motor skills through practical life and art works ( painting, sculpting, cutting and gluing)

Morning Gathering- (about) 9:15-9:30
  • Greeting the day and each other with song
  • Making music together: focus on rhythm and harmony
  • Demonstrations of new art/practical life works 
  • Grace and Courtesy presentations 
Breakfast- 9:30-10:00
      Outside Play- 10:00-10:45
      • Gardening 
      • Visiting and feeding Goats and Horse
      • Hiking in the pasture and forest
      • Sandbox play
      • Climbing and Sliding
      Prepare for Lunch- 10:45-11:15
      • Children prepare lunch everyday by using their developing practical life skills to scoop, measure, pour, chop, spread, knead and roll.
      Lunchtime- 11:15-12:00

      Rest Time- 12:00- 2:00
      • Storytime
      • Calming songs and chants

      • Peaceful touch
      • Simple guided meditations
      • Nature or classical music 
      Afternoon Work Time-  2:00-3:30
      • Prepare and eat snack     
      • Classroom work time
      • Special activities:  arts and crafts, dancing, yoga