Welcome Friends!

"The more we get together the happier we'll be"


More pictures of children doing good work.

Scrubbing play dough tools

Sweeping up after "cooking dinner"

Mixing in the color

Raking up leaves to jump in

Stirring pancake batter


Blessed September

This September I have so much to be thankful for... a beautiful new home, a kind and loving partner, a smart, sweet and sassy little girl(that I miss very much), a new business venture, and so many thoughtful and helpful friends that have been there to support me emotionally and materially through this financially meager but joyous, creative, spirit-filled summer.

I am in the final stage of becoming a licensed child care provider. I plan on opening within the next two weeks, and I hope the universe continues to support and be in line with my plans. So far, every little thing that needed to work out has, and I know if I continue to trust in my spirits and all the higher powers that exist, everything will continue to flow in the right direction.

I have had a burst of interest in my program in the last week. It looks like I will only have one spot left to fill by the end of the month. Im so appreciative of the love and support the families of my future students have been giving me.   In honor of them Im posting some pictures of beautiful horizons