Welcome Friends!

"The more we get together the happier we'll be"


Weekend 3- October

sights and sounds at the Saturday morning Farmer's Market in Ithaca


 Most of my veggies come from here, my brother and sister in law's farm.

leaving with arms full of vegetables
here's what's for lunch this week

This is my sacred symbol from the hot and cold stones used in a LaStone massage by Evie Reville, of Bella Stone in Trumansburg on Saturday.  I have benefited greatly from each massage I have received from Evie over the last few months. Each session is an experience in tuning-in to my body, and then letting go completely, letting all tension fall away.  I am always left with a heightened sense of well-being and a renewed sense of power and strength. Her blog is http://bellastone.wordpress.com/

There was a waxing -almost- quarter moon in the clear sky Saturday night.
I discovered a new level of zoom on my camera that i didn't know existed. wow!

late night kim chi

I had to start making kim chi because I was eating almost a jar of it a day.  And at $7/pint from McDonald's Farm, it was really adding up. Now I just pick up some boy choy or napa cabbage, carrots, daikon radish, hot peppers, garlic, onions and ginger (yes MMF grows ginger) from the markert and after a week in ferment, I have my very own delicious kim chi. I haven't done a cost analysis yet, but the self- satisfaction quota is off the charts. It helped to have Sandor Katz's book to guide me through the process. I love that the recipes in the book are rather vague, because I end up putting different amounts of each thing in each batch, making each jar different, but always delicious.

along the banks of Lake Seneca on Sunday...


We met up with my sister in law's family to go sailing

deciding if it's too windy

As we leave the dock and head out into choppy waters... everyone's at the ready.  Not that I have a clue what to do...

"Captain" Margot and Aunt Liz

oh beautiful October Skies

the starlings in the vineyards,  cornfields, and trees


Week 3- October

this was that golden week where the color of the trees is just past the brilliance of the bright reds and yellow and has settled into a deep gold over all the woods. Is was breezy and clear nearly every day. needless to say we spend a lot of time outside.



raking leaves

throwing leaves on Sarah

sunflowers: up close and personal

picking out the seeds from the flower head


harvesting sunchokes

pulling a cluster of stalks in the garden

taking it into the yard so everyone can help pull off the tubers

scrubbing some for lunch
marching with stalks and feeding them to the goats

We did spend a bit of time inside each day...



story telling

matching shapes and colors 
playing "quirkle"

making things out of play-dough

learning about the 50 states with a puzzle and a song
everyone knew someone who lived in a different state

preparing food

husking tomatillos

peeling potatoes


seeding a hubbard squash after cracking it open by dropping it on a hard rock

making pumpkin waffle batter

MENU for the WEEK


am snack
apple slices

roasted beets
brown rice
steamed broccoli
raw kale salad with red pepper and raisins

raw carrot supercookies ("go raw" brand)


oatmeal with chia seeds
green juice with kale, parsley and watercress

roasted cauliflower
baked tofu fries
mashed sweet potatoes
almond milk

hazelnut "nut thins" with raw cheddar cheese ("organic valley" brand)


frozen homemade waffles
warm blueberry sauce

pesto pasta (gluten free)
sauteed zucchini and tempeh
sunchoke fries
scrambled eggs

vanilla pudding (from scratch with our own goat milk and eggs)
apple slices

(sometimes we just skip breakfast if everyone arrives late and no one is hungry)

brown rice
mashed sweet potatoes
pressed cabbage salad with dill and parsley
veggie nuggets ("quorn" brand)

wheat crackers
apple slices
fresh ricotta cheese


honey-nut o's ("cascadian farm" brand) with almond milk
fresh oj

roasted hubbard squash
roasted cauliflower
tofu fries
spinach salad with carrots and pumpkin seeds

 pumpkin waffles with ricotta, strawberry sauce or maple syrup