Welcome Friends!

"The more we get together the happier we'll be"


30 April




Toast with Flax Oil
Scrambled Eggs
(frozen from Indian Creek) 
Green Juice



Polenta with Cheese
Tempeh Bacon
Steamed Kale
Roasted Cauliflower

Pecan Crackers
Apple Slices
planting strawberries
cleaning up the dirt


24 April

        Morning Work Time


Scrambled Eggs
Toast with Flax Oil
Apple Slices
Green Juice
(Fresh OJ with Kale and Parsley)

In the Barn

looking for the goats

Cami wants a carrot

B. gives a carrot to Fire

Building a Snow(o)man
(A. saved a carrot for the nose)
rolling ball for the body


Black Beans with Nutritional Yeast 
Roasted Sweet Potato Chips
Quesadillas with Sprouted Corn Tortillas
Local Asparagus


 Making Play Dough
Stirring 1c. hot water and 1tbsp oil into 2c. flour and 1/2c. salt

 Kneading and rolling flat

Stamping words

Adding color


15-19 April

Our sweet little bunny friends left the nest last Friday when we went to see them. We cried a little to watch them go. This picture was taken two days before.

Morning Work Time


Tragedy struck this week when dear sweet Mister's mom, Yukina (who is not known to be gentle toward chickens and was just visiting) gained access to the room where the chicks were kept for just a moment, just long enough to kill all 9 of the female chicks we had, but not the 2 little cockerels. They weren't the biggest or smallest, but they were the cleverest of them all and they hid behind the tank during the attack.
B is happy that two chicks survived.

 I was looking forward to serving these eggs for over a month. I hid away a dozen eggs in the back of the fridge on 3/2 with a note not to use until after 4/2. Its great getting fresh eggs everyday, except for when you want a hard boiled egg.  The peel sticks to the white and it is tedious to pick it off, bit by bit. But if you let the eggs sit for a few weeks in the refrigerator, the mass inside the egg shrinks through evaporation just enough to make it MUCH easier to peel.

the moist, cool, smoothness
peeling as he goes

Planting and watering some new herbs: Lavender and Rosemary

Planting and watering in the vegetable garden

watering the peas
preparing the beds for planting buckwheat

 In The Play Yard...

adorning with flowers
picking flowers

bare feet in the sand


 Milking Maple


the bus- log. the children ask me to be the driver. its the first stop on the trail to the woods

wild bleeding heart
 may apples popping up

 "Giddy up, horsey"

 "Whoa, Horsey"

 To the Garlic Mustard!

picking the garlic mustard

tasting the garlic mustard

picking more to bring back for our salad

preparing the garlic mustard for salad

Friday's Lunch