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4 April

There was a lot of interest in painting today at the easel. When that was full, the work spilled over to the table. The older children were painting letters and even words, spelling C-A-T and W-I-N-D

Watch the pile of towels beside her grow-- she folded them ALL!

Dressing up to go to "The Dance"
S's and A's babies were coming along, but Z's baby was staying home because she was sick.

Baby Bunnies Day 3- they are growing FAST

Covering up the nest after taking a peek

The yellow chicks are starting to grow their red feathers

Today for lunch (with the help of my dear friend Vanessa) we made corn tortillas by rolling into balls and flattening corn dough between plastic bags. We then made them into quesadillas and said "delicioso"

The tortillas were part of a menu inspired by the cuisine of Central and South America. Each Wednesday I hope to highlight foods from around the world. I call it
"Around the World Wednesday"

Buckwheat Cereal
Scrambled Eggs
Apple Juice

Corn Tortilla Quesadillas with OG Chedder
Plantains pan fried in Coconut Oil
Black Beans
Sauteed Kale with Garlic

Peanut Butter Puffins Cereal
Cherries (Frozen Local)

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  1. Love being able to keep up with my grand baby! Thank you sooo much for showing a bit of his daily adventures. You are amazing!