Welcome Friends!

"The more we get together the happier we'll be"


24 April

        Morning Work Time


Scrambled Eggs
Toast with Flax Oil
Apple Slices
Green Juice
(Fresh OJ with Kale and Parsley)

In the Barn

looking for the goats

Cami wants a carrot

B. gives a carrot to Fire

Building a Snow(o)man
(A. saved a carrot for the nose)
rolling ball for the body


Black Beans with Nutritional Yeast 
Roasted Sweet Potato Chips
Quesadillas with Sprouted Corn Tortillas
Local Asparagus


 Making Play Dough
Stirring 1c. hot water and 1tbsp oil into 2c. flour and 1/2c. salt

 Kneading and rolling flat

Stamping words

Adding color

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