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2 April

Maybe it was because it was so clear and bright and sunny, or maybe because we had a three day weekend, or maybe there is some spring magic in the air, but whatever the case, the children were ON today. Everyone got along so well together:  using kind words and gentle hands,  collaborating on purpose-filled artwork, taking turns washing their dishes (and rinsing, drying and putting them away) without any guidance, and joining in for one of the most fun morning circles yet.

There's a wonderful balance right now, with three younger children and three older children; three boys and three girls. Everyone has been taking such pride in the shared spaces, cleaning up and putting things away with less and less prompting. Everyone has been showing each other much courtesy and respect. It's really an exciting time!

Exploring our new roller racer from Magic Cabin

stamping letters in play dough

Busy Children are Happy Children

S-"We are artists" Z- "Yeah"
S-"We are beautiful artists"

Spraying and washing the easel clean

When we removed the tarp from the sandbox, some of the rain from the last two days spilled into the sand, which the children were excited to use, creating "rivers" and "mud pies"

Meanwhile, I heard some squeaking coming from an under the lilac bush where a very excited looking Mister (our dog) was digging in the ground. When I looked closely, we found he had uncovered a nest of small creatures (maybe rabbits?) They were just a few inches long, with eyes still shut just like the newborn puppies in a book we have been reading a lot lately called My Puppy Is Born by Joanna Cole. We talked about the difference between wild animals and pet animals. We made wishes that they will survive all the perils of wild life and that we will be able to watch them grow.

Just before lunch was ready, the children shook the spice jars full of small seeds and grains into bowls, "making soup". When it was time to clean up for lunch, everyone got into the act, sweeping up some spilled chia seeds and the floor was clean in no time.

Oatmeal with Almond Meal
Plain Greek Yogurt
Green Juice (Fresh OJ blended with Kale)

Green Lentils
Roasted Cauliflower
Veggie Dogs (SoyBoy)
Carrot Sticks
Almond Milk

Ginger Bunnies (Gluten Free)

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