Welcome Friends!

"The more we get together the happier we'll be"


This morning we made up a fresh new batch of play-dough (we make it every two weeks). After kneading it smooth, we colored it with a little tempera paint in each of the primary colors.  Then we mixed the secondary colors. We took all the old playdough and smooshed it together to find out what color it would make. We guessed brown, but it turned out grey. Hmmm.


Play-dough is awesome and SO easy to make.

2 cups cheap flour
1/2 cup salt
mix in bowl, then add
1 cup HOT water
(opt) stir in 1 tbsp oil to make it smoother. 
Stir in bowl until it comes to a ball then put it on the table and knead it good, adding more flour if it starts getting sticky.
Divide and color with food coloring or tempera paint.

We also spent some time in the garden this morning: walking on paths, raking leaves, and harvesting a few things that are still producing: kale, chard, zucchini, parsley



Breakfast: Scrambled eggs (local)
                 Sprouted whole grain toast (ezekiel)
                 Soysage patties (gimme lean)
                 Asian pears (local)

 Lunch:  Squash soup (all local ingredients, except coconut milk)
              Bi-color cauliflower (local)
              Freekah (CPO's roasted green spelt berries, cooked like rice)
              Veggie dogs (soy boy) 
              Almond milk (organic)

Snack: Zucchini muffins (freshly baked with CPO flour, garden zucchini, coconut oil, chia seed and wheat germ).
            Lowfat yogurt (rbgh free)
            Green juice (fresh OJ blended with garden kale and parsley)


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