Welcome Friends!

"The more we get together the happier we'll be"


 Some good works today were:  squeezing play dough into noodles, opening and closing containers and using tongs to pick up shredded paper "noodles".

Outside we worked in the garden, digging and harvesting. We found two EGGS in the chicken coop! Our hens have finally started laying!  

Breakfast: Toast (sprouted whole grain) with Organic peanut butter
                  Apple slices

Lunch: Annie's Mac and Cheese with garden kale
             Roasted Delicatta squash (local)
             Steamed yellow cauliflower (local)
             Carrot sticks
             Cow milk 

Snack: Garden red pepper and cream cheese (organic)
            Sunflower seeds and raisins
            Pears (local) 

"and.. now the night is over...
and now the day's begun.
hello everybody
hello everyone.
at school we come together
we work and we have fun
hello everybody hello everyone."

(part of our good morning circle) 

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