Welcome Friends!

"The more we get together the happier we'll be"


20 March

Practical life work: folding laundry

 Color mixing and creative expression at the easel

Drawing, sharpening pencils and tracing metal inset shapes

Metal Inset Square

Today we finished the project of installing the mulch under the play dome. The children helped rake it smooth, and put the dome back in place.

A soft landing

Up in the pasture with "The Bitties"
and one sleepy Fire

(all local ingredients)
Creamy Buckwheat Cereal with Maple Syrup
Fried Eggs
Grape Juice

Rice Pasta with Tomato Sauce
Lightly fried Tofu
Spinach Salad with Carrots, Apples and Walnuts

Pecan Crackers
 Blueberry-Banana Smoothie

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