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12 March

Morning work time was great today. The children quickly discovered new works on the shelves and noticed what was different. I rearranged a bit this weekend to make room for the new easel.

shape and color sorting blocks
new "whimsical blocks" from Hearthsong

Color Mixing and Cutting Play Food
In the kitchen the children found something new too-- a wooden play kitchen full of wooden cut-apart fruits and veggies.

Planting bulbs for summer blooms

Relaxing with Cami

Visiting Fire

Toast with Flax Oil
Scrambled Eggs
Spinach+Blueberry OJ

Red Lentils
Green Beans
Roasted Beets
Polenta with Cheese


making muffins
Zucchini Muffins  
Greek Yogurt
Apple Slices

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