Welcome Friends!

"The more we get together the happier we'll be"


19 March

This morning the children played creatively together with farm animal figures. They was lots of sweet sharing with a new friend. While the animals were out, we read The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle. The children matched the animal figures to the pictures of the animals in the book, and discovered that the only animals we didn't have matches for were ones that we have real versions of in the house and on the farm (dog and goat).

 Mixing pancake batter and scrubbing potatoes

Developing fine motor control by scooping and pouring colored water and learning responsibility for self by washing dishes

It was a barefoot-in-the-sandbox kind of day

Forsythias about to open
Riding around the yard in the wagon with a friend

We found 7 eggs in the coop today and they all made it back to the house safely! Hooray!

Pancakes with local flours
Apple Slices
Orange Juice

Brown Rice with Soy Sauce
Edamame (frozen)
Roasted Blue Potatoes(local)
Alfalfa Sprouts (local)

Greek Yogurt
Blueberries (frozen local)

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