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"The more we get together the happier we'll be"


Local Bounty in February

AKA: Whats for lunch this week.

Clockwise from Bottom center: 

Asian Greens from Red Tail Farm
Red Kale from Stick and Stone Farm
Baby Rainbow Carrots from Straight Way Farm
Lacinato Kale from Stick and Stone Farm
Red Potatoes from Sabol's Farm
Carrots and Celeriac from Muddy Finger's Farm
Brussel Sprouts from Blue Heron Farm
Alfalfa, Clover and Lentil Sprouts from Dancing Turtle

The hens camped out in the barn last night, where I found them when I went out to milk Maple at 9:30. They apparently did not want to brave the snow to get back to their coop. They all roosted on a high rafter together (except for Hawk, who was perched on a lower wall, where Maple kept giving her kisses).

 Dovey, Gelda, Rocky, Bluna, Bossa
 The Gals' Rainbow Eggs


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