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9 February

At the sensory table today we still had mung beans and green split peas, because the children have not lost interest in these items. I replaced the small boxes with hollow tubes of bamboo and small cloth bags for filling. As you can see, loading and dumping the trucks is serious business.

The nesting animal dolls were very popular today

Accessorizing with rainbow arcs.

"Im wearing a backpack"
and a beautiful golden necklace

B's necklace reminded me of the Masai people's beaded jewelry, so we looked at some pictures, and H had to try one on.

    Apple Slice
    Green Juice


 This is the pancake recipe I currently have in my head after many years of experimenting with different combinations of dry ingredients. The pancakes have turned out well the last few weeks, even with the natural variations that are inevitable with two-year-olds doing the measuring. Its based on a Joy of Cooking recipe.

DRY: combine with whisk in large bowl:
          1 cup all purpose flour (we use CPO)
          1 cup mix of wheat germ and wheat bran
          1 cup mix of coconut flour, tapioca flour, flax or chia seed
          3 tsp baking powder
          1 tsp salt
WET: 4 eggs
           2 cups milk
           5 Tbsp oil
           2 tsp pure vanilla extract
Pizza with Spelt crust, Fresh Mozzarella and organic Sauce
Sauteed Spinach (Buried Treasures Farm)
Mashed Sweet Potatoes

cutting the mozzarella

patting out the dough
spreading the sauce

adding the cheese

After nap snack and craft time

Snack: Bananas, Almond Yogurt, Cashews

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