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2 February

Work Time

Thanks so much to Dewi, who donated a ball pump to the school, so we could finally pump up the balls that I got from the Kaplan/CSEA grant back in December. The children had lots of fun today throwing, catching, kicking and bouncing the balls.

Making Breakfast
(its mostly about the process, and less about the product.)
Pancakes are becoming a Thursday Tradition.
Measuring the Flour

Whisking the dry ingredients

Whisking our hen's eggs
Wiping off the table

Setting the table

 There was some major after-breakfast excitement when a NYSEG truck rolled up in the driveway. Their job was to replace a transformer on a pole in our yard.  H.(of course) knew that the truck was a "cherry-picker".

We finally made it outside. The Ferrier came to trim Fire's hooves today, and we walked up to the barn to watch, then the children look for eggs in the chicken coop.

B. scooped up Hawk

and then handed her to C.

After-nap color mixing and bubble whisking

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