Welcome Friends!

"The more we get together the happier we'll be"


May 5-9

This week at ACH, the children explored new works in the classroom such as metal polishing, sorting by color & counting unifix cubes and building felt faces. Also the children chose to paint, look at books and sweep up their messes.




We got six new chicks on Monday. One left its body on Wednesday presumably after a moment of rough handling by one of the children. It was  sad, but the children learned from the incident about responsibility for the well being of living things, and how fragile a young life can be.

Playing together and sharing in the sandbox

This week in the garden: some kale plants and spinach seeds went in. The potato plants are coming up, as are the sugar snap peas and buckwheat. The children are quickly learning the importance of staying on the pathways in the gardens, and are eager to rise to the challenge. 

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