Welcome Friends!

"The more we get together the happier we'll be"


May 28


Now 4 days old, the new Bitty Buckling met the children today. They pet him and he did some little jumps and kicks for them.  Also, this evening we opened up Mama Lina and Bittiest's private stall so they could mix with the other goats. It was really sweet to see them all together.  We are so pleased to have a peaceful and healthy herd.


Mama Lina, Bitty Buckling, Coco, Maple, Cami, Basha
Bitty Family: Basha, Bitty Buckling, Mama Lina

French Toast
Apple Slices
Green Juice 
(Fresh OJ with local Kale and our own freshly picked Parsely

Freekeh (local-CPO)
Steamed Broccoli
Boiled Red Potatoes with Dill
Pan Fried Tofu

Multigrain Cereal (Barbara's)

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