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17 January

The children had lots of fun today working with new play dough toys (thanks to the CSEA grant) and a fresh batch of play dough. So easy to make: 
2 cups flour
1 cup hot water
1/2 cup salt
(opt)1 tbps oil
Use food coloring or tempera paint to color dough.


Sharpening Colored Pencils


Playing in the Snow

Bella threw a snowball at herself

Throwing snowballs at the barn

The children and Maple

Toast with Flax Oil and Nutritional Yeat
Scrambled Eggs
Soy Sausage
Blueberries (Glen Haven)

Cutting Tempeh
Tempeh with Coconut Oil and Tamari

Acorn Squash with Butter 
(Sacred Seed)

Steamed Kale with Braggs
(Stick and Stone)

Carrot Sticks (Sacred Seed)

Alfalfa Sprouts (Dancing Turtle)

Tofu Kan
Apple Slices

Be sure to check out the Winter Farmer's Market in the GreenStar Warehouse Space on 13 South. Thanks to all the farmers for providing the community with fresh local organic vegetables even when the ground is frozen.

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