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December 8

Starting off on a personal note, this day marks 38 years that my dear Mom and Dad have been married. I am so grateful to them for the example of commitment they have provided for me throughout my life. Commitment to family. I appreciate the respect and support they have always given.  Thanks Mom and Dad. I love you.

Today was an exceptionally beautiful day, shining bright as full sun reflected in the thin layer of mushy snow. After staying in for two cold drizzly days, it felt amazing to step out into the snow and sun, and check in on all the animals. We brushed, fed and pet Fire. 

In the Classroom:

The new stroller has been getting a lot of use. The children enjoy learning to navigate a four wheeled vehicle, as well as the social role-play aspect of caring for and taking baby (or monkey) on a trip. 

We made some play dough yesterday, 
which was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone                                


And at circle the last week or so, we have been singing "funny clown". This song gives each child a chance to perform for the other children, using their body to do a funny trick. The "it" child stands up in the center of the circle where all others are seated.

"I know a funny clown and his/her name is _______
Watch him/her do a funny trick inside the circus ring- BING"

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