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December 12

This morning we had work time in the living room near the cozy wood stove and our beautiful Christmas tree. The reason: the thermostat in the classroom got re-set this weekend and it was only 42 degrees at 8:00. The children seemed to enjoy mixing it up a bit, and there was plenty to keep busy doing. There was lots of noticing and hanging of ornaments (especially the nutcrackers), setting up the mini dolls in their home and garden, sewing on the lacing cards (thanks Dewi), and lots of squirting (the children really enjoyed the sizzle of water on the wood stove as they sprayed it through the barrier.)

 After breakfast we went out to the barn. Fire came trotting down from the field to greet us. Of course we gave her some oats, and we checked in with the goats as well. H was very interested in using the tools in the barn, raking and shoveling the hay around.

Breakfast: Oatmeal with Chopped Almonds 
                 Green Juice (Kale and OJ blended)

Lunch: Sprouted Wheat Fetuccine with Marinara
            Fresh Mozzarella
            Sauteed Zuchinni
            Soy "Meat"balls

Snack: Bananas 
Rolling "meat"balls



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