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December 6

Today there was: sorting and folding towels and cloths, hand felting wool into little balls in hot soapy water at the sensory table,   imaginative play with the element shapes and animal figures and everyone took a turn pushing the baby around in the doll stroller that was out today.

Setting the table for breakfast
Pancakes (with CPO all-purpose and buckwheat flours and Bob's coconut flour)
Apple Juice

RECIPE ALERT: This is the tried and true Joy of Cooking recipe with ideas for variations

WHISK together in large bowl:

1 1/2 cups dry goods
(I have experimented with whole wheat, spelt, buckwheat, coconut flour, almond flour, chia seeds, wheat germ. There are a wide variety of flours that have a great deal more nutrition than all-purpose-- its worth looking into and experimenting with to find a pleasing texture.)

1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder

1/2 tsp salt

3 tbsp of sugar
 (Please feel free to omit this completely, or sub in honey, maple syrup or agave nectar in smaller bowl)

WHISK in smaller bowl:

1 1/2 cups milk
(experiment with a combination of dairy or non-dairy options)

3 tbsp melted butter or oil
(good choices are coconut oil, walnut oil, and safflower oil)

 2 large eggs

1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract

POUR wet ingredients over the dry, gently whisking to combine
FOLD in 1/4- 1/2 cups of dried fresh or frozen fruit, seeds or nuts
SPOON 1/3 of a cup of batter onto a hot greased griddle
FLIP when bubbles form and pop open. Cook until underside is lightly browned


Annie's White Cheddar Shells
Steamed Romanesco Cauliflower
Roasted Carrots and Sweet Potatoes
Whole Cow Milk


Tofu Kan
Almond Yogurt
Whole Wheat Bunny Crackers

Candid Shots by Margot

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