Welcome Friends!

"The more we get together the happier we'll be"


August 10- 17

and then there were two
and then there was one

Working in the Classroom

Fusion bead fun


Mung Beans at the sensory table... 

Creative play in the yard

pole vaulting with knotweed poles


Preparing a new garden bed.....


High- climbers

Working in the barn...

feeding Mama Lena leaves

raking clean hay into a stall for bedding

Time for "the Goat Show".

Basha and Coco at play
hay bale balcony seating

"Everyone say 'eggs'"

Time to make lunch

Or maybe just some pretend soup: 
1 bucket of water
1 grated walnut husk
3 Tablespoons group cloves, 
5 tablespoons oat flour
10 springs of parsley

Stir well and serve immediately

End of day clean up and organizing cubbies

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