Welcome Friends!

"The more we get together the happier we'll be"


August 1-3

By Thursday two of the robins had hatched, and by Friday all three had.

Hiking into the woods

forest and field
onto the forest floor

see the blur of the tiny frog jumping off A's arm...

Our old horsey tree way up in the woods finally made its way to the ground during one of the recent storms. Now it's low enough for the children to get onto without help. It still takes concentration and balance to stay up on it though. Whoa Joe!

Hanging the laundry to dry

Cooling off on a hot afternoon

Food Preparation... cutting, chopping and ripping

Our new friend is an artist

The view from up here

Wrapping, tying and tangling

Putting gas in the "mower" and chatting about baby dolls


Primary level Montessori math works
(during naptime)

This week's menu included all of these goodies from the Ithaca Farmer's Market...

plus from the Trumansburg Farmers Market:
Cauliflower, Sugar Snap Peas and Green Beans...

And Broccoli from our own garden!

 I Love Summertime!

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