Welcome Friends!

"The more we get together the happier we'll be"


It was a wonderful day at Alpine Children's House. During morning work time, the older children were busy developing skills such as: tying, zipping, snapping and buttoning. The younger children enjoyed listening to stories. Everyone had fun painting together.

 Outside, the children had fun playing imaginatively in the sandbox, burying and digging things up, making roads and pretending to plant a garden. Then we visited the goats, feeding them some snacks.


But the best part of the day was lunchtime. We made pizza with a pre-made all natural gluten-free crust, sauce and whole milk mozzarella cheese. Children helped grate cheese and spread sauce We prepared a salad as well, chopping carrots and apples, and breaking up walnuts.

Breakfast: Barbara's Multigrain Cereal
           Whole or Soy Milk 
           Apple Slices

Lunch: Pizza
       Green Salad with Sprouts

Snack: Black Bean Brownies
       Almond Yogurt


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