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"The more we get together the happier we'll be"


4th and 5th of September

The highlight of Tuesday morning was making play dough. It had been so long since we made it that all the tools felt new and exciting to everyone. They played creatively, shaping things and telling stories for 30-45 minutes. So lovely to sit back and watch.

Remember how easy it is?
2 cups flour + 1/2 cup salt

1 cup very hot tap water
and (opt) 1 tbsp oil

Stir it, knead it, love it



Making Lasagna


more adding and sounding out words

 Another fun bug visitor today: a curious praying mantis. I discovered him crawling up the inside of my pant leg while washing dishes. He crawled all over the classroom this afternoon, stopping to  look at the children quite often.


vanilla pudding (made from scratch with our goat milk)
cinnamon raisin toast with flax oil

lasagna with rice pasta, pesto ricotta, zucchini, potatoes, and fresh mozzarella
sauteed green beans
almond milk

rice cakes with almond butter
peach slices


cheddar omelet with garden fresh broccoli and yellow squash from Muddy Fingers Farm
green juice (fresh oj with garden kale and Muddy Fingers Farm parsley

black bean burgers with fresh corn, chia + sunflower seeds, and oat flour on toasted bread
tomato slices and pea shoots (MFF)
pressed red and green cabbage salad with fennel
fresh chevre 
homefries  pan-fried boiled potatoes)

sunbutter and strawberry jam roll-ups on whole wheat tortillas
cherry+blueberry smoothie with yogurt

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