Welcome Friends!

"The more we get together the happier we'll be"



The last month has felt like a dream, settling into this little piece of paradise. We have done a lot of work  outside--clearing and planting the garden, mowing paths all around the property, pruning shrubs and weeding out perennial flower beds. Last week we cleaned out the chicken coop and this week Margot and I drove to Candor to pick up some 8 week old pullets. We got six that were all different, but all the calmest, most docile ones. 

This is Gelda, who is an Ameraucana. She has bluish- green legs and will lay bluish- green eggs.

Gelda, Raven and Dovey find safety in numbers as they explore the new terrain of the garden. Dovey is a White Plymouth Rock. Raven is an Australorp

 Rocky joins the party. She is a Barred Rocks.

Rhea is the most flighty of the flock, and kind of a loner. She is an Ancona, which lay smallish white or blue eggs. 

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